Weak Leadership

From Victor Davis Hanson:

Obama had six years to offer a radical change in U.S. policy toward Cuba. But as in the case of his blanket amnesties, he held off in fear of popular disapproval. Only the fact that he will not face another election, combined with his egocentric desire for some sort of legacy, which he so far has not achieved, prompted his action. Executive orders are easy when the president no longer has to face elections.

From enforcing immigration law to dealing with the Iranians, the Obama generation’s mode is to take the path of least resistance, one designed to dovetail with the current therapeutic national mood. Our premodern enemies enjoy the pretensions of postmodern America, a sort of cowardice always contextualized by convoluted rationalization and high-minded platitudes.

The next two years will be as interesting as they are dangerous.

via The Timid Generation | National Review Online.

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