Weather Patterns

My wife really enjoys warm weather and she always exudes a level of jealousy when I travel on business to states such as California or Arizona.  During one of my recent trips to Northern California, I mentioned to my wife that the weather forecasts appeared to show that it was warmer in Ohio… Interestingly, I recently discovered that the Ohio weather in January 2006 was the second warmest in the last 125 years!

These days it’s difficult to even have a discussion about the weather without having it devolve into a political debate.  Thus, there are those who would immediately warn me that the warm Ohio weather is the result of our thoughtless consumption of energy and creation of greenhouse gases.  Meanwhile, there are authors such as Michael Crichton whose latest book, State of Fear, clearly shows that our influence on the weather is heavily overstated.


  1. It’s the Sun, DZ. It’s the Sun. The Sun has been giving off excess energy for more than 18 years now, well out of sync with its typical 11 year cycle. The Sun sent more excess energy toward the earth during last Septembers period of Solar Flares than the world has consumed since the beginning of time. I highly recommend for your daily Space Weather report. – JB

  2. Why did we have record temps 100 years ago, if the sun has been giving off excess energy for more than 18 years now? There’s simply no way to prevent global warming… Well… the EPA and all them may claim, but it seems to harsh to tell me I’m supposed to car pool with my neighbor. We’re in the 21st era. I rather put our money and funding on finding life somewhere else (on another planet.), rather than someone telling me I need to car pool during ozone day and mowing the lawn after XXX hour.

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