What a Difference a Year Makes

I believe it was exactly one year ago today that I was commiserating with my family about the direction of the USA based on the new administration coming into Washington… Was O’bama going to be a pragmatist, operating from the center?  Or was O’bama going to be an ideologue pushing strong leftist programs?

For us folks that want less government (Democrat, Republican, or otherwise), it has been a very uncomfortable last 12 months.  O’bama has been attempting to repudiate over 200 years of American history and remake the country in his image.  I have frequently asked, “Do the majority of American citizens really want to become wards of a nanny state”?

Similar to many of you, I joined my family last night watching the election returns taking place in “Taxachussets”… The election of a Republican senator from the most liberal of all states was unthinkable less than 30 days ago.  The fact that so many people have come out and voiced (actually cast their ballots) to indicate their dissatisfaction with the politicians in Washington has helped to renew my faith in the American public.

It’s going to be an interesting next few weeks in DC…

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