What Happens with Presidency in December?

A solid analysis on the potential outcomes, from Points and Figures:
Here is what my decision tree with speculative outcomes looks like:

Trump doesn’t get his day in court and the media working hand in hand with the Democratic Party rushes.  Trump doesn’t get any chance to prove anything.

  1.  A thousand conspiracy theories will bloom given the mistrust between the two parties.
  2.  America inches closer to Civil War.

Trump gets his day in court and doesn’t prove that there was any fraud.  By the way, this is what Democrats all over America plus their media acolytes are contending right now.

  1.  Republicans will accept the outcome.
  2.  America moves on.

Trump gets his day in court and proves there was fraud, but not enough to overturn the result and Biden becomes the President-elect.

  1.  Republicans will accept the outcome grudgingly-and will try to legislate to stop future fraud.
  2.  Democrats will fight them to keep fraud since they won.
  3.  America moves on

Trump gets his day in court and proves there was fraud, and there was enough to overturn the election.  Trump stays President until 2024.

  1.  Democrats will not accept the outcome
  2.  Republicans will legislate to prevent fraud in future elections and Democrats will fight them.
  3.  Riots will break out all over America.
  4.  We will inch closer to Civil War


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