What is the Washington Post?

While flipping through the Washington Post web site, I encountered this snippet below about “How to Remove Kavanaugh”.

It just makes you wonder about the worldview of the Post editorial board and the Democrat party.  Kavanaugh has been an accomplished federal judge for more than a decade; He has a solid reputation after being investigated by the FBI numerous times; and one of his recent false accusers just came out and admitted that she made up the entire story about him.

It’s pretty clear to anyone with half a brain that this inquiry orchestrated by the Democrats was nothing more than a charade to indict Kavanaugh because they don’t like his philosophy of staying true to the US constitution.   Yet, here is this ‘newspaper’ publishing articles about steps to take to remove him from the Supreme Court.

It makes you wonder.

Note: A wise man told me that the Democrats operate under the principle that “their ends (removing a judge who they perceive as highly anathema to their agenda) justify whatever means”.

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