Who are You Fooling?

You gotta love this quote from a recent Al Reuters article, “Saudi officials say the kingdom would only consider talks if Israel clearly accepted the Arab peace initiative without any conditions.”  You gotta admit, one thing these towel-wearing, sheet-dragging freaks have beyond oil is Chutzpah… the nation of the 9/11 bombers, the Palestinians who don’t recognize Israel’s right to exist…  We should take a trip to Mecca to accept their modern-day Trojan Horse.

When are Olmert and these stupid f*&ing Liberal Jews going to wake up and realize that there is no chance for “peace” with the Moslem neighbors?  They can go through any ruse and charade you want about having regional peace meetings and love-ins, but Israel must always remember that the Moslem does not have honorable intentions.  It’s similar to a situation with a senior salesman at a software company — everything he says is suspect, so go through the motions with him but keep your distance.

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