Who is This Obama Guy?

That’s why they continue to call him the “Manchurian Marxist Moslem”..

There is something creepy, outré, bizarre, curious about the Obama administration’s reactions to violent Islamic events.  Pseudo intellects will offer that the President is above us all and understands on a different level.  Maybe he doesn’t.

We all know the Obama childhood exposure to this religion, the years in Indonesia, his father and all those dreams.  Perhaps this explains the growing list of extraordinary actions and reactions from the President regarding this religion.

Years ago, Obama misspoke about “my Muslim faith”, a misspeak which most people don’t normally get caught in and on a topic that usually creates little personal confusion.  George Stephanopoulos, quickly corrected him, grabbed the words from mid air, unrang the bell.  But did he?

via Blog: There is just something creepy about this administration and a certain religion.

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