Why Are We So Concerned About Elections?

Our country was founded “of the people, for the people, and by the people”.  There was a time when it was a noble gesture to ‘serve’ your country.  Americans did not believe in dynastic leadership and elitism.

With the incessant moves toward democratic socialism over the last couple of decades, the fabric of the country has changed… and there really is not much difference between mainstream Democrats and Republicans.  That is, they both like to be part of large government telling people how to live the lives.  In addition, similar to the dictators in Latin America, they recognize that being a politician in the USA has become a financially attractive career.

Think about these two political games that most of us tend to now ignore:

  • The Democrat position of allowing open borders for any immigrant to enter the country.
  • The Republican position of gerrymandering districts into convoluted geometric shapes.

Does anyone actually believe that either of these positions is in the best interests of American citizens?  It’s all about politicians maintaining their lucrative vocations hidden behind the facade of a do-gooder.

We citizens have relinquished too much control to career politicians who manipulate public office to ingratiate their own pocketbooks.  Now that government is so impacting on our lives, the consequences of an election become so important.  This is not a positive trend.  A government that inherently promulgates tyranny, whether it’s led by a Democrat or Republican administration, is not in the best interests of the citizens.

The mere fact that presidential elections matter this much is not a sign of national health but of national dysfunction. The more the federal government gets involved in every aspect of our lives — for good or ill — the more people will feel that their livelihoods, lifestyles, even their actual lives are at stake in a presidential election. If the federal government didn’t have so much leverage over your life, politicians wouldn’t be able to scare you into the voting booths.

Source: Why are elections so scary?

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