Will He be Like Kennedy, Carter, or Clinton?

Any reasonable person knows that Obama cannot deliver on all of his campaign promises.  The proposed policies can’t be easily implemented and the economic numbers just don’t add up.  Thus, as the Obama administration gets close to inauguration date, you can expect to see them working hard to recalibrate the public expectations.  We will see two themes blasted through the media: a) it’s not our fault, we inherited these challenges from the Bush administration; b) the challenges facing the nation are much tougher than anyone anticipated.

It’s somewhat ironic that millions of citizens supported Obama for President, yet they are unsure of his actual plans.  In fact, most people continue to ponder how he will actually govern this great nation.   Based on my amateur analysis, I envision three most likely paths that are best explained by the use of three prior Democrat Presidents.

1. Kennedy – Just like Kennedy, Obama will be deified as a saint.  Even today, John F. Kennedy is exalted as a sort of super human leader.  In reality, he was a decent man with many human faults.  The fact that he was struck down during the prime of the “Camelot” White House helped to freeze in time this aura of being a saint.  If for some reason, Obama’s presidency ends prematurely, he too would likely be revered as the messiah that many believe he represents.

2. Carter – Just like Carter, Obama will be an abject failure.  Jimmy Carter was the prototypical do-gooder that did not understand the realities of the world.  His lack of understanding human nature led the US into one of its most miserable economic periods.   If Obama follows his ostensible preferences for communist ideology, his administration will be a repeat of the Carter era, and he will accelerate the loss of US leadership.

3. Clinton – Just like Clinton, Obama will be a moderate success.  Bill Clinton was first and foremost a narcissistic politician willing to say anything to win an election.  However, when it came to leading the country, he actually helped to implement many moderate policies.  He didn’t try to ram only leftist ideologies through the Congress.  If Obama follows this path, he is likely to experience comparable success in stewarding our country.

Of the three choices, I believe that following in the footsteps of Clinton would be the most desirable for the nation…   We’ll have a better idea based on actual results over the next 12 months.


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