Would You Vote for Hill O’Bama?

Would you vote for one of those Democrat duds?   In a great article from Jackie Mason (yes, that Jackie Mason… read the text below in his staccato speaking style), you get a down-to-earth view on the candidates for President:

…Although Obama claimed he never actually heard the preacher say these disgusting words, it was rapidly becoming absurd for him to continue in that position, given the fact the pastor was his spiritual adviser, married him, baptized his children, counseled with him and made these remarks to many thousands of people in his audience.

…Hillary says she is the candidate of experience because of her time in the White House. Experience doing what? Arranging flowers (as her recently released records revealed)? Experience being one step ahead of the sheriff? Her just-released records revealed that she was upstairs in the White House while her husband was getting “Lewinskied” downstairs. Some person might ask the uncharitable question: How is she going to figure out what’s going on in the rest of the world when she could not figure out what was going on downstairs in her own house?

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