Top 10 Conservative Cities

A recent article in Human Events Online listed the top 10 conservative cities… interesting to see a city from southwest Ohio in that list: 10. Cincinnati, Ohio 9. Boise, Idaho 8. Mesa, Ariz. 7. Clarksville, Tenn. 6. Wichita, Kan. 5.

Primary Election Day

I did my civic duty and showed up at the Stillwater Church near my home to cast my ballot.  Since most people tend to skip a primary election (I’m still trying to get my wife out to vote…), I specifically

How to Identify America’s Totalitarians

Another great article from Dennis Prager who notes that, “one quick way to identify totalitarian threats to liberty is to identify those who falsify the historical record on behalf of their cause.”  He proclaims that the two groups in America that are most

ACLU & Privacy

While I’m typically not a fan of the ACLU, this short video on AdCritic Interactive illustrates some of the humorous and frightening issues associated with technology and our loss of privacy.  Click on the screenshot below (make sure that you