Airbag & Radar Gun Stops Terrorists

Whoever thought a radar gun and an airbag could provide protection from Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG)?  According to an article in Military Strategy Page, there is a new system undergoing tests that uses a modified car airbag, radar technology found in

Tennis & Moslems

A recent AP story indicates that Israel was awarded a tennis Federation Cup match when the Indonesian team forfeited by refusing to play.  For those of you not aware, Indonesia is primarily a Moslem nation that doesn’t much like to

The Gaza Syndrome

Moshe Arens, former Israeli Defense Minister, writes an editorial in Haaretz about the situation in Gaza: “There is something about Gaza that almost inevitably leads to mistaken judgments by Israeli decision makers…it became clear that if we refused to go

New Ways of Purchasing Goods

You may have heard of, the website made famous by William Shatner.  This website allows you to participate in an electronic auction, where you offer a price that you’re willing to pay for common items such as hotel rooms… Well, it appears

The End of Car Chases?

Los Angeles is notorious for its epic police chases, but it appears that the LAPD is going to be taking a new approach to car pursuits.  A recent issue of Popular Science illustrates how the police will shoot a GPS homing