Strickland is not Honest

According to WorldNetDaily, the Democrat candidate for Ohio Governor, Ted Strickland is a closet homosexual.   The article notes, “We started following Strickland in the primary.  We especially picked up on the issue after Brian Flannery, his Democratic Party challenger in

Indian Caste System

If you’re not aware, India is infamous for its caste system that separates people into lower and upper castes.   Indians born into the lowest caste were often considered as “untouchables”. Well, based on a story in SwissInfo it appears that

Saudi Arabia Friends with Israel?

Accordng to StrategyPage, the Saudis are making a major behind-the-scenes effort to convince the Palestinians to restart negotiations with Israel. This may indicate a quiet shift in the Saudi position on the legitimacy of the “Zionist entity,” prompted largely by

Airbus Failures

Airbus is running into major business challenges.  Not only has their new CEO resigned after less than 3 months on the job, but according to an article in the Washington Times, they are liable for hefty compensation for delayed delivery

Windows Error

If you’re like the rest of us, I’m sure that you’ve received your share of Windows errors.  I can’t say that I’ve received this specific error, but I certainly feel that I have.  

Busy Time of Year for Sports

October is the busiest time of year for sports, with many of the seasons underway simultaneously… high school football, NCAA football, NFL football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball, MLB baseball playoffs.  We have tickets for a few games in

Big Payroll Baseball Team Loses

If you’re like me, you don’t follow baseball very closely.  However, I did notice recently that the New York Yankees went down to defeat in the first round of the American League playoffs…  The owner, George Steinbrenner, noted that he’s disappointed

Chinese Anti-Satellite Laser

According to StrategyPage, the Chinese have developed a powerful, land based laser that has been fired at American satellites. This firing at American satellites has apparently been going on for three years. In theory, a land based laser of sufficient

Syria Preparing to Attack Israel

Syrian ruler Bashar Assad made a formal statement on Oct. 7 that he expects an Israeli attack.   In reality, he is making justification for a combined Syrian-Iranian-Hezbollah attack on Israel.  According to Debka, Iran is behind the effort in their interest