More “Compassionate” Sports

Update – A few weeks ago, I wrote how sports have turned into social engineering exercises in many communities… Dennis Prager recently wrote a story about keeping score at a little league baseball game.  The important issue is that one team

A-10 Firepower

We happen to be doing some work on the A-10 for the US Air Force.  I thought that Kon and Bob would enjoy seeing the “warthog” in action… [youtube]L9HlfjM4WOo[/youtube] 3 min 30 sec

BMW .vs. Infiniti… in Court

If you’re an automobile aficionado, you are probably well aware of the famous BMW “M” series cars.  This is the moniker applied to the high-end versions of the BMW sports cars.  For example, the M5 is the 500 horsepower version

Do You Ever Wonder

Do ever wonder about the circular logic of people that protest war, but end up throwing rocks at other people and destroying a congressman’s office… or people that are against abortion and call it killing, then turn around and bomb abortion clinics

NAHL Hockey Game

I went with Joe Knecht last night to catch a North American Hockey League (NAHL) game in Youngstown, Ohio.   The game we attended featured the Mahoning Valley Phantoms versus the Springfield Junior Blues.  It was a good quality game with each team

Buying Technology Gadgets

This is an interesting summary of tips to consider when buying technology gadgets… The FreeGeek dispenses some free advice on the 8 rules for buying.  You can read the details on his site, or see the summary list here: 1.

Digital Rights Management

An interesting development in Digital Rights Management (DRM)… The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has dropped its subscription to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) web-based database of technical papers over the use of DRM.  The SAE refuses to allow any

Enough Double-Speak

Do you ever grow tired of Moslem double-speak?  Does their inane ability to twist common sense and human ethics into an “MC Escher painting” ever make you wonder what goes on in the skulls of those people?  Would you negotiate anything