Wireless Electricity?

An interesting technical project at MIT… they appear to have discovered a way to provide electricity without wires.  Details about WiTricity, or wireless electricity, are scheduled to be reported today in Science Express, the advance online publication of the journal Science.

A Cup of Coffee

  What happens, when a fly falls into a coffee cup? The Englishman:Throws away the cup of coffee and walks away. The American:   Takes out the fly and drinks the coffee. The Chinese:     Eats the fly and throws away the coffee.

Arecibo Telescope to be Shutdown?

I have visited the Arecibo telescope in Puerto Rico twice in the last six years.  This is the world’s largest radio telescope, which was featured in the movies “Contact” and “James Bond”…  According to a recent study, Engineers will travel

Israeli Tennis Success

It’s interesting to see the recent success of Israeli tennis players on the international circuit.  At this point, it appears that Shachar Peer is having the greatest success, reaching 15th ranked in the world for women’s tennis.  Andy Ram and Jonathan

Syrian Motivations

A great interview with Barry Rubin, who just wrote an insightful book “The Truth About Syria“.  A few excerpts: “While the Syrian regime poses as being desirous of peace and engagement with the West, in fact its institutions, ideology, propaganda, and

A New Holocaust Diary Discovered

According to an article from the Associated Press, “The diary of a 14-year-old Jewish girl dubbed the ‘Polish Anne Frank’ was unveiled on Monday, chronicling the horrors she witnessed in a Jewish ghetto — at one point watching a Nazi

Palestinian Logic

If you’re like me, you’ve met people whose lack of logical thinking confounds you…  It’s hard to believe that an entire population of people could fall prey to “illogical syndrome”, but evidently the Palestinians all have been drinking the same

The Priorities of the New York Times

The FBI announced Saturday three Moslem men have been arrested for plotting to blow up fuel tanks and pipelines at John F. Kennedy international airport. The New York Times ran a story about the plot in Sunday’s paper. On page 30…

US Congress is Corrupt

I know it sounds cliche, but the US Congress is corrupt and incompetent beyond my imagination… we have people in this country that elected Hillary Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Dennis Kucinich, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Byrd, etc.  If you take 30 minutes and