Dayton Flyers – Predictions

This was a posting and prediction that I made during the 2006-2007 season when the Flyers were 4 – 1.  I believe that they actually ended the season 19 – 12.  Thus, I’ll claim a decent result in my prognostications…

Newton Mixed Science & Religion

If you missed it, there was an interesting story of science and religion in the USA Today… Evidently, someone discovered 300 year-old manuscripts from Isaac Newton where he calculated the exact date of the apocalypse, detailed the precise dimensions of

Blog with New Style & Layout

You may have noticed that the blog site has a new style & layout (In blogger’s terminology, this is known as “theme”).  Hopefully, you feel that this will improve your ability to quickly absorb all of the valuable knowledge to be

Essentials to Achievement

Thomas Edison was one who noted: “The three great essentials to achieving anything worthwhile are first, hard work; second, stick-to-it-iveness; and third, common sense.” Hat tip to Joe Knecht

Very Light Jets

There are a new breed of smaller, cheaper jets, powered by compact, superlight engines that could transform the face of aviation. These are planes from companies with names such as Eclipse, Adam, etc.  They typically carry three to four passengers (in addition

Israel and India in Strategic Cooperation

According to StrategyPage, Israel and India are increasing their cooperation in the fight against Islamic terrorism. India has been suffering from Islamic violence for centuries, but Israel has been at the forefront in developing effective weapons, equipment, and tactics to

You Can’t be Serious… Support Fatah?

According to an article in the Associated Press, “President Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert sided emphatically Tuesday with a weakened Mahmoud Abbas, hoping extra money and warm words would give the moderate leader primacy over the Islamic militant