Are the Ivory Towers Losing Their Luster?

Every time I visit a major University, I continue to have these doubts about their value.   I can see a University as providing a community experience where young adults get the opportunity to experience a more independent lifestyle in a relatively safe environment. 

Smoothie Anyone?

Another contribution from John Tavardian… I found this site in my various travels across the web. Being such a fan of hockey I thought you would enjoy this little video: BlendTec makes blenders and to show how tough they

Power Vacation in Cancun

We just returned from a 4-day vacation in Cancun (actually the Mayan Riviera an hour south of the city).  We went with our friends, Mike and Kelly Belcher, and we all enjoyed snorkeling near Cozumel and visiting the archaeological ruins

Amish Humor

An Amish lady is trotting down the road in her horse and buggy when she is pulled over by a cop. “Ma’am, I’m not going to ticket you, but I do have to issue you a warning. You have a

USS Ohio

After four years of work, the newly converted USS Ohio nuclear submarine has begun operating in the Pacific.  The Ohio used to be a submarine carrying ballistic nuclear missiles.  It was recently converted to carry 154 Tomahawk cruise missiles, and provide

The Stupid Left vs. the Satanic Left

Aaron Berkovich passed along an interesting article about “progressives”… The author categories Leftists as Stupid or Satanic: The Stupid Left denounces capitalism and globalization and supports communism because it really believes that people are poor and oppressed under capitalism but