Aruba Vacation

We just returned from an outstanding five-day family vacation to Aruba. As usual, Missy did a great job arranging a first-class winter vacation for the four of us. She was able to use our Delta frequent flyer miles to get

The Enemy is Us

It’s jackasses like this Leftist Eric Alterman that make you realize that Jews always have one enemy that is much tougher than Haman, Stalin, or Hitler… This POS Alterman reminds me of all of those whiny New York Jews who

Comparison of Religions

I don’t recall where I found this chart… but it is a nice summary comparison. Theravada Buddhism Hinduism Traditional Judaism The Gospel Meaning of birth We are reborn from a previous life until we reach nirvana (extinction of all desire

My Hockey Hero

This is for us over-40 year old hockey players… it’s 41 year old Gary Roberts kicking the sh$# out of NHL players half his age… I think that he’s my hero. [youtube][/youtube] 1 min 10 sec [youtube][/youtube] 1 min 23 sec