Top Ten Battle Scenes

From the listuniverse, a nice compendium of the top 10 battle scenes in movies with the links to YouTube…. Naturally, “Gladiator”, “Braveheart”, and “Saving Private Ryan” made it into the top 10.

Who Wants to be Green?

It used to drive my sister crazy when I would tell her that I’ll start recycling bottles and cans as soon as the refuse company makes it economically viable for me to do so…  Guess what, I’m not the only

Basketball Season Predictions

Bear and I went to the Wright State basketball game against St. Bonaventure last night, and we watched the Raiders do a nice job against the trapping zone defense to come out with a 54-45 victory.   Interestingly, the Dayton Flyers

Jewish Opinion

An interesting article in Commentary magazine about the Annual Survey of Jewish Opinion: Whereas it is commonly believed that American Jews are overwhelmingly liberal, the survey shows a more complex picture, with only 43 percent describing themselves as liberal; 25

The Benevolent Saudi King?

I happened to open up Yahoo news and I saw this headline… and I my first sarcastic thought was, “isn’t he just a wonderful king?”  My second thought was, “what’s next, ‘Palestinian President pardons murder victim’?”

Max Baer – Jewish Boxer

I was recently watching Cinderella Man on television and I noticed again the muted image of a “Star of David” on Max Baer’s boxing trunks… Believe it or not, I was able to go to YouTube and find the original