A Boy’s Confession

Bless me Father, for I have sinned. I have been with a loose girl”. The priest asks, “Is that you, little Joey Pagano ?” “Yes, Father, it is.” “And who was the girl you were with?” “I can’t tell you,

Greatest Goal of the Year

I happened to be watching the end of the Columbus Blue Jackets game against the Phoenix Coyotes, and I was cursing at Rick Nash for taking a penalty in the last few minutes of the game that enabled the Coyotes

Modern Cinematography is Amazing

You probably remember the opening scene from “Saving Private Ryan“.  This is where the American soldiers land on Omaha Beach in the middle of the German machine gun emplacements.  This scene cost Steven Spielberg and company millions of $ to

The Islamic Rape of Europe

The number of emigrants leaving the Netherlands and Germany has already surpassed the number of immigrants moving in. One does not have To be prophetic to predict that Europe is becoming Islamic… Broder is convinced that the Europeans are not

Bush Has Lost His Way

An interesting story in Debkafile: President George W. Bush gave Israel the nod for its long-delayed military operation against Hamas in the Gaza… After clearing captured areas of Hamas, Jihad Islami and other Palestinian terrorists, the Israeli army must pull

Financial Concerns in 2008

A recent survey of financial advisers determined that their number one 1 concern in 2008 is the election of a Democrat as President of the United States.   The survey noted, “60 percent of advisers said Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary

Most Incredible Hockey Brawl Ever

I’ve seen a lot of hockey fights in my lifetime but nothing like this… this bench clearing melee (bench clearing fights are very rare in hockey) actually occurred in the Russian hockey league: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mlf4C0qNm0w[/youtube] 4 min 44 sec

Is Olmert Done?

When are the Israelis going to remove this sycophant, know as Olmert?  You have to see some irony when your leader exclaims: “Outposts are a Disgrace“…   Olmert, you stupid piece of sh$#.  The disgrace is the wretched Palestinians sending missiles at