A European Warns About Becoming a European

A great article in the Wall Street Journal from a member of the European Parliament. He provides warnings about adopting European-style socialism: [Obama] is not pursuing a set of random initiatives but a program of comprehensive Europeanization: European health care,

You Know You’re from Michigan

From StrangeCosmos… You know you’re from Michigan, when: 1. You’ve never met any celebrities. 2. “Vacation” means going to Cedar Point. 3. At least 1 member of your family disowns you the week of the Michigan/Michigan State game. 4. Half

NCAA First Four… is Likely Our Last

We attended the new “First Four” NCAA basketball games at UD arena the past two nights. Two of the four games were worthwhile watching, while the other two (comparable to the old “play-in” games) felt more like experiencing division II

Speaking Parrot

A guy has a parrot that can sing and speak beautifully. He takes it to the synagogue on Rosh Hashonah and makes a wager that the bird can conduct the High Holiday service better than the temple’s cantor. When the

Public Sector Unions

If you base public sentiment on the orientation of the political cartoons, you would conclude that the majority of the population is fed up with the coddled public union worker…