Jewish Ladies at Dinner

This one promulgates a stereotype about Jewish women at a restaurant… but it works well: What did the waiter ask the group of dining Jewish mothers? “Pardon me ladies, but is ANYTHING all right?”

Greece Ready to Default on Debt?

More on the Economic Canary in the Coal Mine….  Greek Elections Are Making Europeans Feel Very Nervous: The party argues that Greece can never recover unless it gets at least some debt forgiveness, something which neither the Eurozone nor the

Obama’s Guide to Distortion

An interesting perspective: One way of reinventing reality is to warp the meaning of words. No president in memory has waged such a war on the English language as has Barack Obama — changing the meaning of vocabulary to hide

Hockey and Basketball

On Monday, we made it to Nationwide Arena to watch the Columbus Blue Jackets in a National Hockey League game.   Tuesday night, we visited the University of Dayton Arena to watch the Flyers demolish the Georgia Tech Honey Bees

Weak Leadership

From Victor Davis Hanson: Obama had six years to offer a radical change in U.S. policy toward Cuba. But as in the case of his blanket amnesties, he held off in fear of popular disapproval. Only the fact that he

Left Wing Jews Out of Touch

This Hal Goodman is a great example of a left wing Jew out of touch with reality…  He appears to not realize that Jews are a minority.  Much smaller than the African-American population. Similar to many, he appears to greatly