Who Needs Data When You Lean Left?

This type of logic is a sure sign that it’s time to run for the hills: Leading climate doomsayer Michael Mann recently downplayed the importance of climate change science, telling Democrats that data and models “increasingly are unnecessary” because the

Has Violent Crime Increased?

There appears to be some contention about what’s been happening with crime in our country over the past few years: …violent crime in many cities has risen since 2014, in some cases alarmingly. In Los Angeles, for example, it’s up 45

You Must Hire Convicted Criminals?

Is there no end to this Leftist lunacy?  Do they not believe that in some cases, distinguishing between good and bad is necessary? Businesses that ask a job applicant about his or her criminal history during the hiring process could

Do You Trust Political Polling?

If journalists and pundits have no concern for reality, why do you suppose that polling results published to the public are real? A new reuters poll shows that support for Hillary Clinton for president is at 46.6 percent, while Donald

Male Perspective On Marriage

From StrangeCosmos, some good humor: “I had some words with my wife, and she had some paragraphs with me.” “Some people ask the secret of our long marriage. We take time to go to a restaurant two times a week.

Affirmative Action Breeds Racism

I think that this covers it pretty well: “When admission preference is associated with skin color, the result is the strengthening of the ignorant stereotype that people having skins of that color are intellectually weak. This a canard, but it

Political Lunacy on Terrorism

Refuting their logic is like shooting fish in a barrel…  the explanations from the Leftists are so contorted, they can’t identify the backward logic: New York Times columnist David Brooks said it outright on the PBS Newshour: “As I said, as

Is Profiling Natural?

This blog has been around for nearly 10 years, and while some folks didn’t originally like the theme of this site (“Think Stereotypically, Act Individually”), you’d have to agree that it has been fairly prescient.  We now have people recognizing

Obama Adopting Soviet Tactics

I suppose that we shouldn’t be surprised that Obama and his cretins have decided to edit the emergency phone calls from the recent Islamic massacre in Orlando…  Obama and company edit everything to their liking, such as videos about dealings