Political Lunacy on Terrorism

Refuting their logic is like shooting fish in a barrel…  the explanations from the Leftists are so contorted, they can’t identify the backward logic:

New York Times columnist David Brooks said it outright on the PBS Newshour: “As I said, as everyone says, the reason we have terrorism is not because the prophet Mohammed came down and not because there is a religion called Islam. The reason we have terror is that young men are alienated and feel they can wage war and a just war against societies that are racist and xenophobic and crushing toward them.”

Think for a moment about how ridiculous that is. A people’s religion doesn’t matter? A people’s governing philosophy doesn’t matter? The faith that inspired them to bring down the Byzantine Empire, to conquer huge swaths of Europe, to subjugate women, to insist on submission from followers…  has no overall effect on their societies? The reason they’re violent is because of ourxenophobia? What racist snobbery that is! Brooks is saying that the terrorists aren’t capable of forming and acting on their own motivating philosophies, that they can only react to ours.

Source: Suddenly Ideas Don’t Matter?

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