Is Profiling Natural?

This blog has been around for nearly 10 years, and while some folks didn’t originally like the theme of this site (“Think Stereotypically, Act Individually”), you’d have to agree that it has been fairly prescient.  We now have people recognizing that profiling is a natural survival instinct for human kind:

In the wake of Orlando, the topic of profiling has come up again via Donald Trump and others. Given the horrific extent of the massacre, this is highly understandable, even though profiling has always struck me as an ironic subject for an obvious reasons: everybody already profiles!

Source: Trump Is Right on Profiling 

If you need additional proof that NOT profiling can be irrational:

Another problem in the United States and the West is that profiling is either not allowed or not used in screening those applying for security jobs or joining the military. Thus the Moslem man who carried out the Orlando attack was subsequently found to have passed screening for an airport security job and recent warnings (to the FBI) from gun shop owners who noted his suspicious behavior were not acted on. This refusal to recognize the obvious continues in the United States, despite repeated attacks that could have been prevented if methods that work in the rest of the world were used.

Source: Counter-Terrorism: Ignoring The Obvious

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