The Inevitable American Tyranny

A clear assessment of reality from Daren Jonescu: What has been revealed is that this age has tempted fate too long. Tocqueville’s prediction, more than one hundred seventy-five years ago, about the peculiar threat to political freedom, namely the successful free people’s

Do We Know the Truth?

In this day and age, we’re confronted with the daily challenge of trying to determine the “Truth” — Is my friend being honest with his excuse?  Did my spouse really forget to tell me about the phone call?  Most importantly,

What’s Worse Than Obamacare?

Simple: Hillarycare. If she becomes President, you can count on more Government control of healthcare and a downward spiral in the quality of medical services. This week, the White House finally admitted what had become obvious for months: premiums within the

Visit to Cincinnati Zoo

We haven’t been to the Cincinnati Zoo in almost 20 years, so Missy and I decided to make a visit…   The place is fantastic.  The flora and fauna are beautiful, even in late October; And what a deal!   It’s $15/person

What’s the Worst That can Happen?

Mark Steyn commenting about the prospects of Hillary in office: Think of what the last eight years have wrought – Obamacare, a weaponized IRS, six-figure fines for homophobic bakeries – and then pitch America forward to 2024. Picture the most

Modern Driver’s Test

From StrangeCosmos We’ve all seen it. People change when they get behind the wheel of a car. So now, to profile your personality, here is the special Driving Test… 1: Which part of your car wears out most often? a: