The Inevitable American Tyranny

A clear assessment of reality from Daren Jonescu:

What has been revealed is that this age has tempted fate too long. Tocqueville’s prediction, more than one hundred seventy-five years ago, about the peculiar threat to political freedom, namely the successful free people’s careless slide into the comfortable compliance of soft despotism, has not merely proved correct; it has perhaps become irreversible.  (If you think Donald Trump can reverse it, or would even care to, I’ll grant that this is a moment for grasping at straws if ever there was one; for my part, I am inclined to see him as, in effect if not in intention, the best friend Hillary Clinton ever had.)  The disaster must play itself out, one way or another.  The American majority, primed over generations for this moment, is finally embracing its demise, and therefore indirectly the demise of the entire civilized world, which for generations has stupidly and ungraciously enjoyed its Doomsday Eve party primarily on America’s dime.

Source: Hillary and the fundamental legal premise of tyranny

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