What is the Netflix Agenda?

Of all the talented business people around the world, It makes you wonder why they wanted an Obama protege. On Wednesday, former UN Ambassador Susan Rice was named to the Netflix board of directors, leaving some customers outraged by the

Why the SJW Hates Jews

Bomo passed along a great article today about the Leftist Social Justice Warriors (SJW) and their hatred for Jews. Here is the key extract: Social justice warriors (SJWs) in the universities provide no “safe spaces” to Jews because we fly in

The Emerging Hate for Social Media

There appears to be a wide-ranging rebuttal emerging against social media.   While I’ve had this blog for nearly 12 years, I have never embraced the real-time social media ‘mob’.  As I’ve written before, I use Feedly as my custom newsreader

Cage Free Eggs?

Update Holy cow!  I thought this was a joke.  Who could have imagined this position taken by a responsible government? In 2015, California banned the sale of conventionally raised eggs, and in 2016, Massachusetts voters passed a ballot measure that

Dishwashers and Hard Water

Our water in Montgomery County, Ohio is about 120 ppm of particulates, which is considered moderately hard.   This means that the ‘clean’ water that enters our home suds up with soap in a reasonable fashion, but calcium compounds form on

WSU Raiders in NCAA Basketball Tourney

In case you missed it, the Wright State Raiders won the Horizon League Championship, which gives them an automatic seeding in the March Madness basketball tournament. This was an unexpectedly successful season.  They started the year at 5-5 and played

Hollywood Hellbent on Holyness

A great summary about the upside-down fantasyland of Hollywood as exhibited during the Academy Awards show: When the guy who hosted the breast-obsessed “Man Show” [Jimmy Kimmel] appears onstage with an NBA player once accused of rape [Kobe Bryant] to