A Lack of Realistic Perspective on Threats

It’s interesting to hear people yammering on about how terrible the people were in Charlottesville.  Yet, there are never-ending acts of terrorism from Islamic extremists and we hardly see a comment:

…the almost non-existent neo-Nazis are the boogeymen of the hour in the eyes of our friends on the left.  Again, what a convenience, because dealing with what happened in Barcelona is surprisingly difficult.  It isn’t because of neo-Nazis or the KKK that it’s been decades since any of us has walked onto an airplane or entered a concert or museum without being examined or x-rayed, that our daily lives have not been the same. A vicious ideological war is obviously being waged against the West and its liberties with its end nowhere near in sight.  As ISIS wrote of the Spanish terror, “We will recover our land from the invaders.” Like the Nazis of old, they mean it.

Will the left ever wake up?  Or will they still be talking about Charlottesville when a runaway truck barrels across Times Square and down Broadway?

Source: Charlottesville, Barcelona, and the Left’s Nostalgia for Naziism


Perhaps you were not aware that over the last two years — in Europe-alone — there have been 16 Islamic massacres.  Given this empirical data, how much should we be worrying about someone wearing a pillow-case over his head parading around the streets?

Barcelona and Cambrils, Paris, Stockholm, Berlin and London – these are just some of the horrifying attacks which have taken 364 lives, severely injured victims, ripped families apart and left communities devastated in Europe over the past two years. 

Each attack – committed by ruthless jihadis – has shocked and saddened the world, leaving people heartbroken and fearful about the future.

Source: Two Years of Terror


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