A Liberalist Instead of a Marxist

A great commentary from Michael Bargo… a few excerpts:

In the past half century, the liberalist has replaced the capitalist as the person who economically exploits the middle class. The term “liberalist” should now be used to denote anyone who profits from public pensions or the regulatory power of government…

The only jobs they create are jobs for more liberalists, force-financed through taxation…They can also increase their wealth through governmental manipulation of two things: public financial policy and the banking system. This exploitation has escalated so rapidly in the last ten years that the taxpayers can no longer afford to support the liberalist class…

The wealth seized by liberalists through borrowing and taxation now exceeds $32 trillion dollars…  Liberalists have used the power of Federal entitlement programs to build their public sector unions and make minority groups beholden to them through the distribution of wealth obtained from others… All of these taxes are nothing but wealth transfer to liberalists.  This is proven by the fact that there are now ten cities in Illinois where all the property taxes taken from workers go only to liberalist pensions.

Source: The Rise of America’s Liberalist Class

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