OJ Simpson and Hillary Clinton

These situations are similar in that both of these public personalities had/have their legal predicaments being played out in public.

It may have been circumstantial evidence, but most of the public was strongly convinced that OJ committed the crime.  Even the civil court finally ruled that OJ was guilty.

Since then, we’ve seen Hillary operate as if she is above the law:

The leading contender for the Democratic Party nomination is under investigation by the FBI on two basic tracks. The first is for national security violations regarding her grossly negligent use of a private email server and unsecured BlackBerry (when traveling abroad!) for all her official business as secretary of state, including housing 22 emails on the server deemed so “top secret” that the State Department has refused to make them public… The second, perhaps even more serious, malfeasance is various crimes related to what is popularly known as influence-peddling performed by then-Secretary of State Clinton with foreign nationals and officials in connection with her multi-million, possibly billion, dollar family foundation.

Just as OJ had a strong constituency that supported him, Hillary has many Democrats who just don’t seem to care about her corruption.

Some people predict that Hillary will never be charged with a crime…

Source: James Comey and Loretta Lynch Hold the Whole Country in Their Hands

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