Basketball Season Predictions

Bear and I went to the Wright State basketball game against St. Bonaventure last night, and we watched the Raiders do a nice job against the trapping zone defense to come out with a 54-45 victory.   Interestingly, the Dayton Flyers play at St. Bonaventure later this season (I suppose that this is as close as we’ll get to the Gem City Jam — a team that both the Flyers and Raiders play in the same season).

When we arrived home after the game, we went on-line to explore the RPI ratings of the teams in the Horizon Conference versus those ratings of the teams in the A-10 Conference.  Using a simple rule-of-thumb that bases potential wins against opponents based on their RPI rating, we made some predictions for the end-of-year records for UD and WSU…

   WSU: 16-11
   UD: 20-9

We’ll come back and visit this posting in early March…

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