Palestinians: Political Correctness & Juvenile Delinquents

I’ve been trying to articulate a simple allegory to explain the insanity that is the Palestinian…  these Moslem murderers that never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity to be reasonable people; And the rest of the world that always appears to look the other way.  Well, here is my attempt to illustrate the insanity:

There is a gang of juvenile delinquents at the local high school who never miss an opportunity to behave like zoo animals. Even though the gang has terrorized the school for years, the politically correct school administration looks the other way.  They tell the parents that represent 98% of the reasonably behaving other students that they need to be more tolerant of the gang.  The parents are told that they have to recognize that many of the gang members come from single parent homes of “undocumented” immigrants.  In addition, the parents of the good kids are told that the gang behavior is their fault… there wouldn’t be any gangs if they would just welcome the gang members into their homes and help them finance the purchase of houses in their neighborhood.

Meanwhile the school principal meets with the gang members and encourages them to stop vandalizing school property, stealing from other students, and so on. When that doesn’t work, the school administration decides to offer the gang members free tickets to NFL football games as an inducement to behave better.  The gang exclaims that the tickets are a start, but it’s not fair that gang member have to remain after school serving detention for breaking rules.   The principal agrees and decides to release any gang member from serving in school detention.  Meanwhile, to stop the gang from using and selling drugs, the school provides them with a supply of rum and beer.  They hope that this will help make the gang members more responsible students…  The gang steals the rum and beer from the school warehouse, gets crazily drunk, sells it to gangs at other schools, and uses the proceeds to buy even more drugs to sell at their school.   The school administration holds a bake sale to help raise money for the gang members in the hope that providing them with more money will somehow make them behave better.

Why the world is so tolerant of these people is beyond my comprehension.

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