Great Quotes About Money

More goodies from StrangeCosmos: “Early to bed and early to rise — till you get enough money to do otherwise.” – Peter’s Almanac “God is on every one’s side… and in the last analysis, he is on the side with

Energy Cost Crisis

I’ve previously noted that there is no such problem known as an energy crisis… it’s better to describe it as an energy cost crisis.  I came across an article in ExtremeTech where the author discusses his experiences in converting his home to solar

Copper Wire & Civilization

After having dug to a depth of 10 feet last year, New York scientists found traces of a copper-wire system dating back 100 years, and they came to the conclusion that their ancestors already had a telephone network more than

GM Stock Price at 54-Year Low

Update – The automotive marketplace is changing faster than most have anticipated, thus, I decided that I needed to look a little closer at GM stock…  Less than 9 months ago, GM was valued at over $42 per share.  At

Important Facts and Figures

Interesting story from George Will with important facts and figures: …in 2006, blacks, who are less than 13 percent of the population, were 37.5 percent of all state and federal prisoners. About one in 33 black men was in prison, compared

Rex TV & Appliance

Update – It was interesting to read the business section of the Dayton Daily News and see that others are finally making observations I made nearly two years ago (see below).   I commend Rex’s CEO, Stuart Rose, for his resourcefulness in