Sun is Setting on Sun

Sun Microsystems was the darling of the dot-bomb era.  Every emerging technology company felt that they had to have a bank of Sun servers offering up web pages.  Sun was so successful that it’s stock price was 10 times greater

Hydrogen Powered BMW

My son Barry pointed out this recent article about a hydrogen powered BMW…  Even though I’m a BMW fan, this roll-out is really just for show. This is BMW trying to demonstrate to the “green” environmentalists that BMW cares about pollution.  In

Movie Review: World Trade Center

We recently went to see the new Oliver Stone movie, “World Trade Center“.  There have been various reviews — both good and bad — in the Washington Post, New York Times, etc.   Frankly, I must admit that I had a very

Hosted File Sharing

I’ve discovered a web site known as that provides free hosting of file sharing.  The nice part about 4shared is that it’s user interface is very similar to Windows Explorer — i.e., hierarchical directories, file properties, searches, etc.  It also

PC – 25th Birthday

On August 12, 1981, IBM released the PC. In less than two years, IBM had created a computer that would not only change IBM, but the entire world, mostly because it did not follow IBM tradition. It used a new

The Story Behind Social Security

This little story was sent to me from Mark Clower.  Neither he nor I can vouch for its accuracy, but it’s interesting reading: Here is a little history on the Social Security Program.  Franklin Roosevelt, a Democrat, introduced the Social

New Ways of Purchasing Goods

You may have heard of, the website made famous by William Shatner.  This website allows you to participate in an electronic auction, where you offer a price that you’re willing to pay for common items such as hotel rooms… Well, it appears

The End of Car Chases?

Los Angeles is notorious for its epic police chases, but it appears that the LAPD is going to be taking a new approach to car pursuits.  A recent issue of Popular Science illustrates how the police will shoot a GPS homing

Shattered Confidence

Surprise, surprise… the folks in Michigan are losing confidence in the US auto industry.  An article in the Detroit News cites Michigan residents blaming the United Auto Workers: “It’s because of the demands of the unions that our auto industry is where it’s