Natural Gas Supplier

You probably read the title of this posting and thought “DZ must be eating beans…”  In reality, this posting is about the natural gas that many of us in Ohio use for heating our water and our homes.   I was previously

The War on Terror

As Sun Tzu would probably say if he were alive today… “Sabah – Enough is Enough.  The Yehudim must have their own group of ‘militants’ to do whatever is necessary…”

Rocket Launches & Astronauts

I just returned from an interesting business trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida for a meeting of the Aerospace Industries Association.  In addition to the useful gatherings with various folks involved in building airplanes and space vehicles, I got the chance

Quiet People

During my working career, I’ve had a some managers that worked for me that had a strong tendency to remain very quiet during open discussions, brainstorming sessions, etc.  I always wanted to offer these folks the benefit of the doubt,

Alternative Fuels

For those of you that have elected to spend your hard earned dollars on alternative fueled automobiles, you should stop to read the article in Popular Mechanics.  The story specifically focuses on the ability to use hydrogen as a substitute

Airbus Failures

Airbus is running into major business challenges.  Not only has their new CEO resigned after less than 3 months on the job, but according to an article in the Washington Times, they are liable for hefty compensation for delayed delivery

Dow Jones at All-Time High

Just in case you’re an owner of stocks (most of us are stockholders these days), it’s important to note that the Dow Jones rallied to an all-time high.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed today at 11,727, which is the

Jury Duty

Well, guess who was summoned for jury duty?  The Montgomery Country courts have decided that once again I should appear before the court to become a prospective juror in a criminal case…  If I was retired like my father, I might actually find