Business Trip to Nashville

I just returned from a business trip to… Nashville?  Yes, that’s right.  Nashville, Tennessee.  No, I wasn’t there auditioning to be a session musician with a country and western group.  I was there with BoMo and Pilly to attend the

Vladimir Ivanovich Palaniuk

He was born in Pennsylvania, of Ukrainian descent and son of a coal miner.  Palaniuk worked in the coal mines until the 1930’s when he started a career as a professional boxer. Using the professional name Jack Brazzo, Vladimir Palaniuk

Bloomington – Sexual Capital?

I had no idea that Dr. Alfred Kinsey, the founder of the modern day sexual revolution, was a professor at Indiana University!  Evidently, there is still a Kinsey Institute for Sexual Studies at Indiana today.  Wow, to think that Bloomington was the

Software Industry Consolidation

The consolidation in the software industry continues… The majors are gobbling up many of the niche players in the $20M to $1,500M range (e.g., Oracle has acquired more than 25 companies over the last 18 months including Peoplesoft, Siebel, Stellent, ProfiLogic,

Capital of Liberalism

I must say that it was ironic for me to be in the Capital of Liberalism on election day… Chris Lininger and I were able to visit San Francisco yesterday and enjoy some of the tourist sites (see photos below),

101 Dumbest Moments in Business

An interesting article in Business 2.0 lists the 101 dumbest moments in business development… I’ve extracted a few of them here: 5) So that’s why they call it a CrackBerry. – A study by the University of London’s Institute of

Top 10 Worst Company Web Addresses

This comes courtesy of NextWebGen… It’s a list of the top 10 web sites with unintentionally humorous names.  Just goes to show you that the use of a strategically-placed dash could work wonders: 1. A site called ‘Who Represents’ where