Buying Technology Gadgets

This is an interesting summary of tips to consider when buying technology gadgets… The FreeGeek dispenses some free advice on the 8 rules for buying.  You can read the details on his site, or see the summary list here: 1.

Digital Rights Management

An interesting development in Digital Rights Management (DRM)… The Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has dropped its subscription to the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) web-based database of technical papers over the use of DRM.  The SAE refuses to allow any

Global Warming – the Long View

ABC News International came out with the best perspective on global warming: “From the Babylon of Gilgamesh to the post-Eden of Noah, every age has viewed climate change cataclysmically, as retribution for human greed and sinfulness… Sea levels have been

Crichton’s New Novel: Next

If a business destination is within 4 hours driving time (i.e., Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, etc), I typically drive my car so I can avoid the trouble of flying.  When I used to drive by myself years ago, I would typically