How to Get Rich Quick

On the front page of the Yahoo portal, there was an article entitled “Guide to Getting Rich”.  Naturally, an article with this title is bound to get many readers… Interestingly, the author was none other than Ben Stein who explained

100 Greatest Love Songs

This one is for the Miss…  The New York Daily News compiled a list of the 100 greatest love songs.  I should note that one of the top songs was played at our wedding as we entered the reception (Michele

Women Without Makeup

This one is for my wife… I always tell her how wonderful she looks without makeup.  I remind her that most celebrities don’t look very nice without tons of makeup and the handy use of Photoshop… Take a look at

Brrrrr… It’s Cold!

…so much for global warming.  Today in Dayton, Ohio the temperature was -4 degrees F with a wind chill making it feel like -20 degrees.   Most of the schools in the Great Lakes region have been cancelled (Leonard couldn’t be

Favorite Food: Chicken Missilicious

I have a variety of pet names for my wife Michele, depending upon her mood… These include Missy, The Miss, Mimzy, Michele Robin, Mimzy Doodallo, and the most recent: Missilicious.  Well, Missy doesn’t have much faith in her cooking.  This is

Best Steakhouse in Dayton: Flemings

My family and I first ate at Flemings Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2002…  It’s an expensive restaurant, but we really loved the steaks and the speciality side dishes.  I’ve subsequently eaten at Flemings in the Phoenix

HBO Series: Rome

I rarely take the time to watch — much less recommend — a television mini-series, but one show that I really enjoy is “Rome” on HBO (note: I was also a great fan of the HBO mini-series “Band of Brothers“).   Rome is an elaborate show produced

Jewish Traditions and Beliefs

It’s starting to look like I’m going to have to find a new branch of Judaism for my faith… For those of you not aware, most American Jews generally fall into one of three “classifications”: 1. Orthodox – those Jews who follow