European Pusillanimity Continues

You gotta love the Europeans… Neville Chamberlain must have been at the base of the gene pool, because they all think and act like that failed peacenik.   Now here’s the latest from the AP: “The European Union said Monday it

United 93 and European Pusillanimity

We recently went to see the movie, “United 93”.  Since there have been numerous reviews of the highly rated movie, I won’t be redundant.  I won’t be redundant.   I must admit that the movie had moments that caused me to

Sokol Athletic Club

My good friend Jay Cheplowitz sent me an email over the weekend to tell me how he was at a party in one of the worst neighborhoods in Cleveland, and he encountered a wall with “Sokol” memorabilia… Most people don’t realize

Top 10 Conservative Cities

A recent article in Human Events Online listed the top 10 conservative cities… interesting to see a city from southwest Ohio in that list: 10. Cincinnati, Ohio 9. Boise, Idaho 8. Mesa, Ariz. 7. Clarksville, Tenn. 6. Wichita, Kan. 5.

How to Identify America’s Totalitarians

Another great article from Dennis Prager who notes that, “one quick way to identify totalitarian threats to liberty is to identify those who falsify the historical record on behalf of their cause.”  He proclaims that the two groups in America that are most

Aruba Vacation

Update – Yesterday was the complete “tour day” of the island…  I drove the family around in an open jeep to visit all of the hot spots from 9:00am to 5:00pm.   We saw everything there is to see, ranging from the

The Ten Commandments

I don’t know if any of you had the chance to watch the latest remake of the Ten Commandments on ABC Television last night… but it got me thinking about current teenagers and their following of the Ten Commandments.  After

Best Skylines in the World

All urban “life” begins and ends each day and night under the watch of the city’s tallest skyscrapers and most grand architectural structures…  I found an interesting web site that shows photos of the top 15 skylines from around the world.

Black, White… Cheap, Shallow

Another great commentary from John Tarvardian…  For the past several months, the cable channel FX has been running promos for a new show “Black. White.”  It’s about two families — one black and one white — who volunteered to trade

Films Worthy of Hollywood

I didn’t watch the Academy Awards, but Mark Goldblatt observed in the National Review: “it’s obvious that the Hollywood luminaries were busy patting themselves on the back for their courage in honoring films depicting two gay cowboys as star-crossed lovers,