Defining Equality

I wrote previously about how much I disdain the State of Michigan for its support of Affirmative Action.  Interestingly enough, the student that took the University of Michigan all the way to the US Supreme Court to challenge Affirmative Action

Radical Moslems and Sovereign Nations

Mark Steyn makes interesting observations in this article in the Chicago Sun-Times: Lebanon is a sovereign state. It has an executive and a military. But its military has less sophisticated weaponry than Hezbollah and its executive wields less authority over

Savannah & Hilton Head

We just had a 3-day weekend in hot & humid Georgia and South Carolina…  We visited various sites in the historic district of Savannah, including dinner at Lady & Son’s restaurant, the old synagogue, Chippewa Square (location for the filming

Sudden Jihad Syndrome

Beware the seemingly rational Moslem… Daniel Pipes has dubbed “Sudden Jihad Syndrome,” in which a seemingly non-violent Moslem erupts in a murderous rampage: Naveed Haq, forced his way into the offices of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle where he

Moral Madness

As usual, Victor Davis Hanson writes an excellent editorial in the National Review about the lack of consistent moral direction.  I’ve excerpted some of the key paragraphs below: Our present generation too is on the brink of moral insanity. That

Strange & Useless Facts

1. A quarter has 119 grooves on its edge, a dime has one less groove. 2. A typical double mattress contains as many as two million house dust mites. 3. Approximately 68% of consumers receiving junk mail actually open the