Jokes about Obama

For nearly two years, the major comedians have almost totally shied away from making fun of Obama…   Well that’s finally starting to change.  At the Big Hollywood site, there is an interesting article as well as a list of jokes:

The Most Interesting Man in the World

Who would have thought that the actor that plays “The Most Interesting Man in the World” on those Dos Equis beer commercials…  is a 72 year old Jewish conservative living in California? If you’ve seen the commercial, you’ve heard the narrator

Five Surgeons

Five surgeons are discussing the best patients on which to operate. The first surgeon says, ‘I like to see Accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.’ The second responds, ‘Yeah, but you

5 Fun Test Questions

Excerpted from StrangeCosmos: Questions: 1. A lady read a book, turned the light out and went to sleep. In the morning, when she saw in the newspaper that a ship had sunk drowning all on board, she committed suicide. Why?