Sleep Last Night?

Bed a little lumpy…? Toss and turn any…? Wish the heat was higher…? Maybe the a/c wasn’t on…? Had to go to the john…? Need a drink of water…? ? ? Yes.. It is like that! Count your blessings, pray

Local Newspapers

Is the Dayton Daily News the next to go under?  My view is the DDN information is typically a day behind, and their opinion page reads like a rehash of the New York Times…

Is It Time for a New American Revolution?

Are the “tea parties” an early indicator of the restlessness with the current direction of the Federal Government?  Is the populace growing tired of the narcissistic, stuffed-shirt, Manchurian President?  Are we sick and tired of the dysfunctional legislative branch in

Sublime Heroism

A story forwarded by Eric Friedland… Here’s the challenge: In your last seconds of life, with terrorists spraying bullets at you, would you: (1) try to kill those who are trying to kill you and all your people? (2) run

Japan’s Lost Economic Stimulus

The “lost decade.” That’s how the Japanese describe their country in the 1990s. Those just so happen to be the boom years here in the United States. Japan’s real estate and stock bubbles had burst. The interest rates had moved

American Exceptionalism

Charles Murray received an award from the American Enterprise Institute where he delivered a lecture, ”The Happiness of the People.” The lecture focused on the concept of American exceptionalism.  A key excerpt: “it isn’t something in the water that has