Is China the Future Savior or Enemy?

You probably realize that many American companies are wagering their future growth on emerging prosperity in China.  Multi-national corporations such as General Electric, Honeywell, etc. are working deals with Chinese companies that entail “foreign offsets” to gain a foothold in

Global Warming Test

Do we learn about global warming and green house gases from the media, Hollywood movies, and left wing politicos? Or do we read science facts, think, and make our own decisions? Click here to take this test.  It’s 10 Questions…

Engineering View on Global Warming

If you want to read a series of pragmatic comments about global warming, check out Mechanical Engineering Design News… As an engineer that prefers to make business decisions based on the scientific process, I think that you will find that many scientists and

New Approach for Mideast Peace

A great commentary from Victor Davis Hanson, who highlights with sarcasm and solid historical facts, some of the unreasonable expectations for peace in the Middle East: Greek Cypriots can advise Israel about concessions necessary to Muslims involving a divided Jerusalem.

Politics Ain’t No Fun

I received a note from John Tavardian about Peggy Noonan’s editorial in a recent issue of Wall Street Journal. John observes: “She takes both Democrats and Republicans to task for their inter-party civil wars. What I found most interesting, through,