Are Liberals Brain-Dead?

John Tavardian passed along this great article from David Mamet entitled, “Why I Am No Longer a ‘Brain-Dead Liberal’.”  Mamet shares his thought processes as a staunch Liberal, and how he evolved into a different world-view.  Some of the more

Economic Challenges in Ohio

I wonder how my friends over at the Dayton Development Coalition respond to this editorial in the Wall Street Journal, which compares the economic development in Ohio versus that in Texas.  It’s a fairly strong indictment against the failed policies of

Is Islam Just Another Religion?

I’ve mentioned to just about anyone who would listen that Islam is based on basic precepts that are very different from Christianity or Judaism… An interesting article in American Thinker entitled “The Fallacy of Shared Values”.   A quick excerpt of some

Vote No on Issue 39

Update – this posting has attracted quite a bit of attention from folks at Sinclair as well as the Southwest Ohio area (perhaps they have Google Alerts for any mention of “Sinclair”).  If you have a disagreement with any of my assertions below,