Dubai and Tennis

Leave it to the worldy Arab countries to mix international sporting events with their brand of politics.  You may have read about the United Arab Emirates not allowing a female Israeli player to compete in a WTA event in Dubai… It

Short-Handed Goal

What a fantastic short-handed goal… a Bruins player goes 1 on 4 and finds a way to slip it past the goalie. [youtube][/youtube] 38 sec

NCAA Basketball Rankings

Can someone explain to me why an NCAA basketball team with an 11-7 record and an RPI of 80 is ranked 22nd in the USA Today poll?  Is there something magical about Notre Dame?  Is this the Brent Mussberger affect (he’s

Flyers Game… in Style

Missy and I were invited by Todd Imwalle to attend the Dayton Flyers game in high fashion (Me with the ‘high rollers’?)… We greatly enjoyed watching the game from the Boesch Lounge executive suites, as the Flyers finally recorded a

Raiders Win with Defense

We went to the Wright State Raiders game last night at the Nutt House and saw them hold the Illinois-Chicago Flames to 31 points.  This was an especially remarkable feat given the Flames have the Horizon League leading scorer along with a 7