Technology Comes to Tennis

Many of you may be aware that tennis now has the line “challenge”.  It allows a player to “incorrectly” challenge 2 calls per set (similar to football, it doesn’t take away one of the calls if the challenge is correct). 

ATP Tennis in Cincinnati

The ATP Master Series in Cincinnati begins in earnest today with the finals taking place on Sunday.   All of the top men’s players will be in the tournament, including Federer, Roddick, Nadal, etc.  I’ve attended this professional tennis tournament almost

Break Point – Spadea Tennis Diary

When I first heard of the book “Break Point“, I thought it was going to be a “tell-all” story with a revealing, behind-the-scenes commentary on professional tennis (the Jose Conseco book on tennis).  While he does have comments about many

Insider’s Look at Professional Tennis

I’m reading a book on professional tennis written by Vince Spadea.   His book, “Break Point”, shares his experiences as a member of the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP).  I’ll share my impression of the book in the up-coming weeks…

Tennis Groupies

I think that we are becoming tennis groupies… I took the family to Indianapolis on Sunday to catch the RCA Championships.  This is one of the lesser men’s tournaments that usually attracts players ranked 20 to 60.  Nevertheless, we had a great

Tennis & Moslems

A recent AP story indicates that Israel was awarded a tennis Federation Cup match when the Indonesian team forfeited by refusing to play.  For those of you not aware, Indonesia is primarily a Moslem nation that doesn’t much like to