Busy Time of Year for Sports

October is the busiest time of year for sports, with many of the seasons underway simultaneously… high school football, NCAA football, NFL football, NHL hockey, NBA basketball, NCAA basketball, MLB baseball playoffs.  We have tickets for a few games in

Big Payroll Baseball Team Loses

If you’re like me, you don’t follow baseball very closely.  However, I did notice recently that the New York Yankees went down to defeat in the first round of the American League playoffs…  The owner, George Steinbrenner, noted that he’s disappointed

Michigan .vs. Ohio

Now that Ohio State football is underway, it’s time for humor about the University of Michigan…  This one comes courtesy of Mark Clower: A farmer outside of Ann Arbor was working his cattle one day when he heard faint music coming

More Jewish Baseball Players?

Well, as long as we’re talking about modern-day Jewish baseball players, we should include Shawn Green (his grandfather shortened the last name from Greenberg to Green).  He has recently joined the New York Mets in that metropolis of Liberal Judaism known as

French Condone Violence?

I want to see how the “holier-than-thou” French justify the violence…  Evidently, the French soccer star that headbutted the Italian player during the 2006 World Cup finals was provoked because the Italian player said “I would rather have your sister“. 

Jewish Baseball Players

Many of you may not be aware that there are two Jewish players on the Boston Red Sox: Gable Kapler and Kevin Youkilis.  It just so happens that Youkilis is from Cincinnati and he attended the same high school as

US Open – Tennis Update

Well, we were supposed to be in New York this past weekend for the US Open, but Ernesto decided to visit the Big Apple before we got there.  Thus, all of the matches scheduled for Saturday were rained out… this happened after