Hara Arena is Done

I grew up in this place.  I saw my first hockey game with my brother at Hara when I was seven years old;  I played hockey in the big arena during my pre-teen years;  I worked as the ‘Ice Patrol’

Bicycling to Air Force Museum

I went on a 25-mile bike-ride with my buddy, Marc, to check out the new additions to the National Museum of the Air Force.  It was beautiful weather and a great day for a ride.  We even rode by the Riverscape

Installing New Basketball Hoop

Update Phase 3 is now complete.  My buddy, Redman, showed up to help me mount the backboard, rim and net.  I also planted sod around the concrete base.   The combination of the solid pole filled with concrete and rebar,

NBA and NHL Playoffs

I’ve got to admit that I like sports in April and May…  It’s basketball and hockey playoff season and there are numerous games from which to choose just about every night.  Check out the schedule of games below for a

Is Hockey Done in Dayton?

I recently attended the Dayton Demolition hockey game at Hara Arena and started pondering whether this could be the end of the 50 year old structure in Northwest Dayton.   In the last 7 years, Dayton hockey fans have moved from the

Attending the NCAA First Four

Missy (the prettiest basketball coach) and I attended the four NCAA tournament basketball games at UD Arena.  We did our best rooting against that team from the cesspool up north, but they won their nightcap game anyways.