Civil Servants?  Or Civil Royalty?

It used to be called Government “by the people and for the people…” and those working for the Government were called Civil Servants.   If you examine the behavior of many of those working in the Public Sector, with their salaries and lifetime pensions, it may be more appropriate to refer to them as ‘Civil Royalty’:

The problem for the U.S. political class is that the provision of actual public goods is nowhere near large enough of an enterprise to justify all of the clients they want to pay on the public payroll or all of the large, complex, lavishly funded agencies that they want to establish for the purpose of putting themselves in charge of them. So they have to return to the old protection-racket model: Much of American government today exists simply to stand between you and your own goals to collect a fee.

Source: The Public Sector: Standing in Our Way until We Pay Up,

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